About Us

LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD is a 100% wholly Black owned company committed to the provision of various Information Technology services such as Hardware sales, software sales, consultancy, computer training, computer repair, Printing and maintenance, Network solutions, installations and configurations etc.

The company has been in operation for six years. The key personnel in the organization have a combined experience of more than 10 years in the computer and Office equipment industries. The company counts among its prized customers Government departments, Non Government Organizations, Parastatal organizations and Private companies. Through experienced and well manned organizations that supply us, we have been able to achieve service excellence that is unparalleled in the local market. It is through these vendors that we have been able to offer good quality services to our customers for all the years we have been in establishment.

If you are looking for personal service at an affordable price, LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD is the right place for you, we will be glad to hear from you...