Core IT Services

Despite technology making computers easier to use, setting up and installing a new one can be time-consuming and sometimes tricky, even for those with technical know-how. We offer computer installation services which will give you the peace of mind that your new product is set up correctly and safely, and ready to go. We'll unpack and install your laptop or desktop computer, ensuring it's safe and secure for you to use. Then we'll connect it to your existing broadband connection, set up a new or existing printer, and install any additional software you've purchased with your new computer. We can also transfer all your emails, files and install all your softwares on your old PC onto the new one.

What you'll get

1. Optimize the items that load at startup.
2. Review and remove unwanted trial software.
3. Installation of all critical Windows Updates.
4. Installation, configuration, and update of softwares.
5. Configuration of email accounts

PC ASSEMBLY Besides buying and selling brand name computers, if the client so wishes, LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD is able to assemble the computers to customer specifications. This we undertake in part to provide training to our staff. All systems go through a rigorous quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) checks before being dispatched. Assembly currently takes place in our workshop. PCs are assembled with consideration given to the performance of the machines, stability, reliability, efficiency and future upgradeability.

Our computer repairs are both thorough and affordable. We do home computer repairs, in-house repairs and onsite business support.
Our repairs include:
1. Bluescreen
2. Full malware, virus or spyware scan and removal
3. Parts installation and replacements
4. Wipe down of unit and screen
5. Screen Repairs
6. Tune-Ups
7. Data Recovery
8. PC / Laptop Upgrades

LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD offer telephonic support to clients on various commercial and technical applications; machines are brought in to our workshop for hardware and software support.
LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD also offers onsite and call-out support where required although this is on a chargeable basis.
LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD boasts a fully equipped workshop with qualified personnel in order to perform routine upgrades, servicing and maintenance of client’s machines. Workshop personnel are determined in their effort to ensure a maximum turn-around time of 24 hours.

In smart partnership with our qualified network specialists, LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD is able to offer a number of various network installations. These installations vary from simple local area network to complicated wide area networks.

Most large computer networks need to be maintained and supported. It is for this reason that network clients are potential monthly maintenance contract customers. LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD with its smart partners is in a position to offer maintenance that includes regular backups, appending user logons, file server error logging, and general network maintenance.
Clients with contracts will receive a priority status to support and maintenance call-outs.

LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD is able to lay cables for all types of network structures. Cables are laid in a neat, efficient and effective manner in order to ensure minimal disruptions to the clients business. Cabling is normally channeled through special ducting or reticulation channels.For clients that are building new premises, our cabling specialists will be able to give advice as to the layout of power and cable points.

LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD offers both Wireless and Wired networks.

It is with our interest to make sure that Security, Mobility and Convergence are met. Security protects network resources from unauthorized access from outsiders, improve availability. Mobility enables appropriate users to access their network anytime, anywhere. Convergence enables the network to carry many kinds of traffic with appropriate priorities.

LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD does installations of CAT5e and CAT6 LAN Cabling. Our cabling involves running cables in conduits and trunking to avoid exposure of cables.

To clients that may have a specific and dynamic IT need, LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD can provide professional consulting and sound computer and networking advice. By providing clients with a full analysis of their various needs, LEADTECH COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD can design and implement systems that are ideally suited to the clients needs.

Leadtech Training and development programs aims to provide you with a fresh platform to further your development in business by designing and hosting excellent quality and informative workshops, seminars and conferences. With our training partners, our Continuous research into both local and global trends means that our material is always at the front line of innovation, equipping you with the latest and most relevant tools to perform and reach your development goals.
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